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I would like to implement an item called the Small Utility Bag.

What is it?
The SUB is an equipable bag item worn in the cape slot that allows the user to put in (and take out) up to two of almost any item. (Obviously excluded items would include those such as coins, or runes for example)

How can I get it?
It is an item that can be made at level 50 crafting with two of any dragon leather. (Green dragon leather = green bag. Blue = blue bag, etc etc.)

Is it tradable?
No. It is an untradable item.

How is this useful to me?
I'm quite positive you'll be able to find some use for it. If you're not interested in using it, just simply don't make it.

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What would be some opinions of implementing an actual group system in osrs. Give players the option to right click and "invite" someone to a group. This would display the player icon and health in the left corner of the screen making it easy to keep track of everyone when doing bosses, raids, etc.

15-Apr-2018 22:12:07



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To all Jagex Mods,

Can you please give players the option to change shoe size? (not color) Seeing how we have the option to change everything but shoe size on player character. My suggestion would be from the Make-Over Mage accessible for both F2P & P2P. I don't see why this should be a debate/vote against or a complicated thing to install in the game, but rather a simple missing option to the game. Please make my dream come true I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Example: When people are skilling (not combat training), they would wear nothing. How they look with no equipments describes who they are and how they want you to see them as (if you get what I'm saying).

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Ring of ashes

do it

or else



like ring of powdered wig and so on i ment no fret to anyone with the or else huhu

alsokelso i wonder as to why there is still no colour brown in Thessalia's Makeovers~

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I have a few suggestions regarding 2 topics.

1. Character Customization (Hair, Clothing, Shoe Shops)

I think the interfaces of these shops would really benefit from an update, as it can be hard to know exactly how each style will actually look on your character. The character creation interface on Tutorial Island is really nice, especially since it gives a preview of your character. It would be awesome if the same interface was used in the customization shops on the mainland. Of course the prices would stay the same, and the interface would only allow you to change the features offered by the shop you're at.

2. Fishing Trawler

It would be nice if it worked similarly to Pest Control, with multiple instances of the game happening at the same time. It can be frustrating to start playing Fishing Trawler as you need to wait for the current game to finish to catch the next one, and considering how long each game is, the wait time can be decently long. The game can also get quite crowded during peak hours, which can make it more difficult to maintain activity. So having each game start once enough players board the boat would be really nice.

An alternative solution to this is changing one of the worlds that doesn't currently have a specific purpose, into a second Fishing Trawler world, called "Fishing Trawler 2" so it would only be used when the game on the first world is too busy. Another option could be to shorten the game, even just bringing each game down to 10 minutes, but this seems unlikely lol.

17-Apr-2018 00:01:53

iron sato
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iron sato

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turn off sand deliveries option

currently getting daily deliveries from bert automatically through my elite ardy cape, but i have enough and there's no way to turn it off. talking to bert does nothing, and he has a delivery notification on/off toggle but actual "stop delivering sand" toggle.

17-Apr-2018 10:45:45

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Get Hyper Yo

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Hey Jagex,

Botting and website advertising are the biggest problems of the game at the moment. Clan chats are constantly raided and overwhelmed by the bots that advertise websites and there's nothing the players can really do about it. The solution would be the option to filter clan chat messages according to the total level of the players (500 total for example) in the chat. Another solution would be the option for higher ranks to add requirements of joining a chat; requirements like a certain total level, quest points or game time. I believe these changes would largely fix this issue and improve the game integrity.


17-Apr-2018 18:58:34

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