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Could try to ban more bots.

For RS3, go to any F2p world in the wild for cursed energy.

For OSRS, Just log onto any F2p world and ban the closest person you spawn next to.

09-Feb-2019 09:07:59

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quest instances on tourney world

nmz-variants not the same as those from the quests
would be nice to do the quest instances and see if it's possible on your "special" acc, skiller, pure, etc.

09-Feb-2019 19:47:41

iron sato
Oct Member 2014

iron sato

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Ferjer5555 said:
After you get multiple 99s, should be able to go to your first 99 skill master and buy an untrimmed skill cape.

support this. lots of players like having their first 99 untrimmed as a kind of trophy. only the first 99 should be available this way though, as otherwise it devalues it.

10-Feb-2019 00:12:45

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Allow Ironmen to buy bonds off the GE as a means to pay for membership. I feel this has a few benefits.

1.) It allows Ironmen to gain and maintain membership on a self sustaining basis, truly in the spirit of Ironman.

2.) It makes bonds more valuable as there is a higher demand for them.

3.) It opens new play styles up for Ironmen as well as a new challenge.

4.) It will allow more people to play the game as they can obtain members without paying cash for it.
The philosopher troll, born with the hands of a skiller and the mind of a jester.

12-Feb-2019 02:27:18

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Can you allow us to bring Pieces of Eight into the Trouble Brewing mini-game?

A similar change was previously made that allows you to bring Castle Wars tickets into the mini-game and this would be a similar QoL change to make TB more playable.

13-Feb-2019 16:57:12

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