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Took a little bit of a brake, watched some YouTube videos to catch up. One thing Iím still confused on though is Zamorak still a God? Is he less powerful? Or he the same as always?
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13-Nov-2017 17:08:55

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After the Battle of Lumbridge Zamorak was weakened to tier 5 while Saradomin gained power and become tier 3.
After Dishonored amoung Thieves Zamorak is back to tier 4.
The Mahjarrat also all got a power boost after Children of Mah, but it seems to be unknown as to if Zaros, Seren and Zamorak also got a boost.
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13-Nov-2017 17:35:09

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Zamorak became weakened after the Battle of Lumbridge, but he regained that power in Dishonour Among Thieves. He's not grown any weaker or stronger since then. He lost his wings in a fight with Zaros, but if that affected his power in any way he regained it with the ritual in Children of Mah. He's still as powerful as he's always been. -
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Power doesn't necessary matter, if it's just power as in fuel, a catalyst of sorts. What all can the wise one do with so little powder, go imagine... And mind your limits, they'll expand the more you hit your face on them!

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