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^Now this is interesting! I wonder what changes Zaros would make if he actually did become Fate...
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13-Jun-2016 15:10:06

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Some how I think Zaros is reaching for something that is not there. I don't think there is a Fate. Not in truth.

A multi-universe system where every action plays out has always made my head hurt as infinite possibilities, require infinite energy, or infinite potential. Neither of which nature has been shown to exist and abundant pile of evidence to the contrarily does exist.

So even if every possibility has the potential to happen, I think most would fizzle out as only a limited amount of energy is truly available. Like a showerhead with a limited number of time-streams flowing from it. Some of the flow make streams while bits break off as water drops. Those little drops are not going to do much. So there won't be much wriggle room either.

So I think Zaros is in for a rude awakening if he gets his wish.
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