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I'm almost losing sleep wandering what is going to happen now that Sliske is inside the World Guardian. Is he gonna take over our bodies and use our immense power and influence to wreak havok on Guilenor? Is he gonna slowly make us mad? How can we get rid of him for good?

And there is the thing with the Elder Gods. What could convince them of the worthyness of mortals to live? Could we stop them in case they decided to send everything to hell?
How cool would it be to have Sliske fighting at our side against Xau-Tak?! :O

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No idea how we're going to expel Sliske, but I'm almost hoping he sticks around and we just beat him into submission ala Dream Mentor style.

My thought for the elder gods relies on Wen being on our side. If Wen did sabotage Mah in the previous cycle and Mah was meant to suppress sentient life, then maybe Wen has a vested interest in the mortal races. Who knows. If that's the case I could see it coming down to something like this:

Wen - Vouches for us (and if she's split in 2 that could be beneficial for us).
Bik - Tries to kill us Pacific Rim style (from the elder god quest concept art).
Ful - If memory serves her mouthpiece was the most against mortals existing, right? She'll throw us all in the Kiln or just try and kill us outright.
Jas - Being the eldest/strongest she has the final say and just wants to gauge input from her sisters. If it's 1 to 2 in favor of killing us she may side with us due to seeing at least one elder god seeing potential in us.

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At runefest it was said that last cycle Mah started creating life and the other elder gods viewed this as a disease. I honestly think Wen decided to 'mercy kill' Mah and played no part in her becoming interested in life, but did play the part of her being deformed.
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