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Nomad: Oh, but Saradomin is so unimaginative. What have the gods done with the Stone? Nothing!

Zamorak: You have gone too far, Sliske. You are nothing but a plague that must be purged from this world.

Player: your favourite colour?
Sliske: Hahaha! The universe falling down around your ears and you ask me a question of such frivolity! I like your style!

Player: Are you a god?
Sliske: What is a god? Power? Followers? A miserable little pile of secrets?
Player: If it's the last of those, you certainly fit the bill.
Sliske: Very droll.

Player: I regret it.
Azzanadra: I suppose I can understand your reservations. Zaros is an unknown quantity to you. I can only imagine that he managed to impress upon you the gravity of our situation. I trust, at least, that you see the need for his return, even if you cannot be happy about it. Being World Guardian requires you to make difficult decisions that affect us all. You do not have the luxury of personal bias.

Player: I want to join you.
Sliske: Aww, how sweet, another groupie...but I work best on my own.
Sliske: By all means, join Relomia's little fan club.
Sliske: But if you want to make yourself truly useful... Stir things up; kill some gods. Who knows? You might even win my little competition. Wouldn't THAT be something?
"If you believe you can distance yourself from the harm you cause, you're deluding yourself. You're not some mindless tool. You're accountable. Your actions will catch up with you eventually." -Jedi Master Jun Seros; Swtor Bounty Hunter storyline.

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