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I think the Hammer is for breaking stuff quickly after each revision. I believe this is the artefact Armadyl didn't want to talk about, because, perhaps, he used it to break his home planet apart when he killed that one other god Sliske said he killed. Plus the Hammer fits with the whole motif of justice, courts, given the gavel-like appearance.
As for the Codex, could this be the one artefact that's been hiding in the Desert, Mod Osbourne told us about?

A codex is an ancient manuscript, usually in the form of a paper book. The idea of the Elder Gods reading out of a paper book looks plain weird, but it could be written on another medium... A wall of hieroglyphs perhaps? PERHAPS on the walls of the MENAPHOSAN LIBRARY to be released next YEAR? :O Tumeken's secret to ascension!


The Template is probably some huge globe the Elders look at to remember that planets should be round or something... Tumeken might also have this artefact as well, since big ball = sun.
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