The Seven Tiers of Godhood

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Fairly certain it is confirmed that
are tier 2 deities. Both of them were created as gods directly by an Elder God. They are unique in this aspect as of the younger Gods, only
were born as such, all others (to the best of my understanding), obtained their godhood through direct and prolonged exposure to Elder Artifacts, or by means of appropriating divine power (anima mundi) from pre-existing sources.

I digress however. My original reason for seeking out this thread was to better understand the nature of "The World Guardian"'s power. I would like to apologize now if any of these questions were addressed in the 66 pages preceding this post. If any or all parts of this are answered somewhere within, replying with the relevant page numbers would be appreciated. My First question would be how is it that a God, even one as powerful as
, could grant an individual abilities which are in and of themselves in direct opposition to the process which bestows them. (Assuming that granting such is a kind of God magic).

It has also been stated that being "World Guardian" makes us, the player, immune to becoming a deity. In a practical sense I can understand not wanting the player to be considered a god. That being said, if the player is able to resist the powers of the Gods' and is in fact able to resist powers even Gods' are unable to, would that not place them somewhere within the seven tiers? We have seen before that entities which are not strictly "Gods" have been placed on the list due to comparable powers.

Furthermore, the skill "Divination" seems to be a similar, although much slower form of transferring divine power from
into the player. How is this skill different, or is it, from when an entity uses an artifact and forcibly obtains such power?

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It was briefly discussed on page 58; although I'm fairly certain it was brought up again before. The theory is that Guthix used the Anima Mundi, which is seen as more powerful than the some Gods as it is a direct creation of the Elders to grant us the world guardian status.

As for us being somewhere on the tiers, we are not Gods or avatars of them but we very well may be comparable in power. I'm pretty certain that some Mahjarrat and things such as Nex can easily defeat T7 or T6 Gods. Not to mention the Dragonkin.

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Truth be told, a lot has changed since this thread was first released, but a few things have stayed the same.

As far as the World Guardian goes, I wouldn't put our powers into a tier of godhood... yet. I suspect that the ability to resist god magic is only the beginning. Yeah, the ability to resist their teleport spells and such is useful, but Guthix isn't an idiot. He knows we'd need more than that. I feel like Sliske knows a lot more about that than we do, that he knows we have a greater power within us.
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