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Kemtros said:
So in very board terms, Sliske's master could be…

- A Dragonkin
- A Magister
- Either an Elder God or someone working for them

And I do believe that Osborne was grasping at straws, although he would certainly be basing it off of things that make sense. Though I do realize that, if Ikov has an allegiance to Armadyl, it wouldn't make sense for him to align with Sliske about this, and if Ikov is a Magister, then he'd also be split between Saradomin and Armadyl. Would a Magister go against Saradomin? They did talk in the Lore Corner about how the Magisters worship an image of Saradomin, and that image is likely totally different from Saradomin as he actually is. So a Magister could potentially see Saradomin for who he really is and get disillusioned.
Don't forget that for the longest time during the God Wars (and even before) Saradomin had taken Armadyl under his wing (HAH! See what I did there??) and the two were practically one force. So it is theoretically possible that the Temple was built in agreement between Saradomin and Armadyl; and while they left Armadylean guards, the temple was actually named after a Saradominist.
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Ooh, that's a good point. I wonder if Sliske and/or his master have something against those two in particular? I mean, it is a bit random that Sliske took the Empyrean Citadel. We don't know how the other gods were lured in Missing, Presumed Death, but we did see him trying to pit Saradomin against Seren. And when Sliske invited Vorago, Sliske immediately hints that he'll try to "kill a bird with two stones."

I've typically thought that when the master asked "This will bring them?", they meant all of the gods, which is why Sliske responded as he did. I believe it's going to be more specific, and Sliske and his master are trying to push Saradomin and Armadyl into fighting each other. Goutbones might just get his wish after all.

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