Strange Glowing Orb / Solak.

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So this thread was just to show for those who did not know, we have a bit of extra information concerning the Strange Glowing Orb that speaks random weird lines to the player.

This is taken from the RS Wiki,

"The orb was once worn by the Elven ranger during the fall of Solak but now contains some of the lifeforce of Merilthel's brother Eredthor (the other half Solak took into his own body). After being handed over to Seren the orb/gem was set aside and found its way through to Mazcab over the ages."

So the mysterious voice inside the orb appears to be Eredthor, the 'Dark Elf' who corrupted Solak (The upcoming boss from the Lost Grove) and apparently the orb was taken to Seren, after which it somehow got to Mazcab.

This could explain some of "Eredthor's" lines, for example, "Return to where it all began" The Lost Grove is where his fractured soul got fused into the orb and Solak.

"Be still Dominyr" Actually i have no clue what he could mean here.

Anyone else have thoughts on the topic?

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Wha... I... The orb just *found its way to Mazcab* over the ages? I feel like I'm missing something here because that's one gigantic leap. Gotta need some context for that one.

On a side-note, those elven names don't seem to be welsh? I suppose you can handwave it because they're from a different clan.

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Seemed off to me too, but this was confirmed by Mod Ramen, who is developing Solak, on reddit and is on the RS Wiki. I'm sure Seren or some lore book will explain how the Orb got to Mazcab though.

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AesirWarrior said:
Elf of Seren said:
I still can't find my Goebie to give (I think I'm on the Helmet?) my item to.

IIRC they have different names from world to world, so you'll most likely have to hop a fair bit.

Ik. I've been too lazy to hop around looking lol.
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