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Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven't finished Sliske's Endgame.

So, in the quest, we finally manage to defeat Sliske by impaling him (and ourselves, ironically) on the Staff of Armadyl.

Question #1: where does the player even get the Staff from in the first place to do this? I don't recall Sliske having dropped it?

Question #2: where does the Staff go after the quest? Surely the player wouldn't be foolish enough to simply leave it lying around in Sliske's dungeon, right?


My theory? Jas confiscates the Staff from the player when she teleports you to meet her after killing Sliske. After all, she was the one who taught Sliske how to utilize some of the features of the Staff in the first place.

Feel free to speculate below.
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I think most of what defeated Sliske goes back to Kindred Spirits. We don't know exactly what we did in that room, but I would say:

- We messed up his Shadow Realm ability so that if he were to use it, he would end up empowering us. We managed to trap him.

- Something similar may have happened regarding the Siphon. It appears it's able to drain and inject souls, so this may go back to Sliske taking part of our soul. The Staff may have ended up in a place in the Shadow Realm so that it would appear for us if Sliske tried to get away with his Shadow Realm power.

Basically, a lot has happened in Kindred Spirits which heavily factored into beating Sliske, but unfortunately it seems that he won something out of it by possibly injecting his own soul into us through the Staff, in a similar fashion to the Zaros and Zamorak incident in the Empire. But a lot needs to be explained too.
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Mod Raven answered how we got it in his livestream playthrough, unfortunately the simple answer was their graphics budget and time meant they couldnt show it. Raven said Sliske was suppose to have it with him and when the SoJ blew up and that section kind of blew up, it fell down and the player picked it up. Damn Graphic budgets.

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My best guess is that Relomia has it. I suppose it's kind of assumed that the adventurer holds on to it after killing Sliske, but at some point it is taken or lost somehow. I bet that it happened when everything went dark when you're talking to Relomia at the end of the quest.
But yes, it would be nice to have that answered directly.

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