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Death is cheap.
OK, not necessarily, depending on what stuff you lost when you died, but compared to most characters in game, the player character gets off rather easy.

We're not certain who, or why, we keep getting resurrected. (not referring to the in game mechanic to encourage you to keep playing ... but rather the in game lore reason).
We just know that Death (whom you eventually become good buddies with) apparently has instructions out there not to carry you over to any sort of afterlife just yet.

In game, there are at least 2 canonical deaths
- Blood Runs Deep when you die in a cave-in and get resurrected
- Nomad's Elegy to an explosion which conveniently moves the plot along

This isn't counting all the other times you might have died.
In Nomad's Requiem, if you keep dying and coming back, Nomad retorts that some god out there must enjoy your suffering.

Frankly, we should be glad we die the ways that we do.
While painful: dragonbreath, explosions, fighting, etc. Most of the time, they are relatively quick, even 1 hit KOs.
Perhaps the character gets desensitized to it. But it could be worse (than even some of those quest puzzles you have to endure).

I mean ... the absolute worst thing any would be opponent could do to you, is outright abuse this.
You get sent on a quest out to the Frozen North, the Wilderness, or the Desert, or some beach somewhere ...
An assassin pops out of nowhere ... and does things like:
- amputate limbs
- stab you in a fatal, but not immediately spot
- knocks you out and ties you up/mostly buries you
Then they leave you right there.
Your character would be left in a spot to slowly, agonizingly die in the bitter cold or extreme heat for hours ... even days ... or slowly getting drowned as the tide come in.

Then you respawn.

Then ... they ambush you again, repeating the whole process over. and over. and over again.

That constant reviving doesn't sound so good now, does it?

26-Dec-2016 23:18:41

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