What Secrets Remain (5th age)

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Floor 61 (main important thing)
- Pretty much all of it. But I think the most important thing would be to set up some repotoir between the Zamorakians and the player where they owe Zamorak a favour or something to better explain why Zam would even trust the player in dishonour among thieves.
-who smuggler is
-other stuff

Vampire quest
-buddy who fell through portal... what happened to him?

Return of Zaros
-who J is?
-who the assassin is?
-Moia's mum?

Slug series
-the prince is said to be soon to be reborn or something like that...
-when's that little girl going to move out of that dungeon. It's been 6 - 7 years lol. Same with that dude with the broken cart in Monks assistant. Please move them lol

(Would be nice to have)

Underground pass
Hero dude who that lore story on the website was written about, would be nice to know where he ends up.

Olaf's quest
-Olaf's treasure map. I'm pretty sure at the end of the quest the dude gives us a map and says there's more treasure but it never really goes anywhere.

Shadow over Ashvale
Not sure if this is 5th age but I think there's more stories that need to be told here. I know that tutorial island quest had a dude making crassians but it was never specified if he is the origin of the race or he just likes turning peeps into them.

Love story
Really want to know why the troll mother is a squid...

Desert series
There's an npc who mentions he might be able to upgrade our granite gear, would make a neat mini quest.

The ghostly robes
Ghosts are still trapped in the shadow realm. Would be cool if something was done with them.

Will post more as I remember

(Really minor things)

-in some of the older quests random monster a are introduced just for bosses and the race never shows up again. For example the Roc in My arms adventure. Would be nice if these races were used more to cement them in the Rs world a bit better.

Lore for Dark wizards tower near fally

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