Saradomin's Elite?

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IIRC GWD1 lore says that during the God Wars the Saradominist church was militarized and Priests were turned into Soldiers in Saradomin's army. That's why there are priests in the God Wars dungeon, and I imagine Warpriests are of similar origin.

As for the Temple Knights, they were Saradomin's personally chosen warriors, and had great power and authority throughout his lands. Supposedly he chose them because they were the knights that guarded his very first temple. They became a secret organisation after Saradomin's departure to protect themselves from Saradomin's enemies... Or at least that's the story Savant told us. Wanted makes it clear that most of the details behind their origin is classified.

So I imagine Warpriests are members of the church, while Temple Knights are a seperate organisation fighting under Saradomin's personal instructions.
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