Who Leads Them Now?

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Ancient Drew said:
Well, I'm not too sure. The Bandosians will probably have a bunch of splinter groups with different leaders or everyone fighting each other for leadership, so until someone stops the infighting and gathers everyone into a massive army, the Bandosians won't be a threat or force to be reckoned with. They need someone with a strategy and a creative mind.

Probably. Unfortunately we probably crippled their already disjointed forces sending so many off to die in Yu'biusk. (bet saving her doesn't seem like such a "good guy" choice now?) Even without that they are short on leaders. They seem to be stuck either fading into obscurity or becoming their own leaders, like the World Guardian should they remain bandosian. (which IMO has the coolest dialogue)

I mostly expect small groups of them pledging loyalty to different gods (I particularly want to see how Armadyl reacts to a bunch of bandosians complimenting him on his brutality and strength and swearing allegiance. Do you think he'd let them in?), and the more strong-willed ones probably going off on their own or joining the godless.
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