Foreign Relations In Runescape

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The Gnome Empire is most likely seperate from Kandarin, but I'm not sure about Khazard. It seems a bit odd that he's been able to reign unhindered for over a century.

As for the human kingdoms, they haven't existed very long. With the exception of Misthalin they were all established in the 5th age. It is a bit odd that there hasn't been more conflict between them, but I guess they could have been too busy fending off other races. That being said, there's at least one Fremennik invasion spanning 20 years. Kandarin's also relatively cut off from the other Kingdoms, so I doubt they interact with Misthalin and Asgarnia much.

There's a bunch of internal conflict though. You've got a Civil War in Asgarnia, with several Sieges on Falador, the (not so) "Great Battle" outside Ardougne, bunch of (non-Fremennik) anti-Magic fanatics in Misthalins, Wizard Tower burning down, Lathas being an asshole...

Still, it's definitely an area of lore that needs fleshing out.

MystLunaris said:
Edgeville, Seer's Village, Draynor village etc are all too small to fight anyone.

I'm not sure if that matters. Draynor, Lumbridge and Edgeville are all part of Misthalin. If Roald declares war they're obliged to join him. Seer's Village could be independent though. I'll give you that.
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