Makeover Mage, a shapeshifter?

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Maiden China said:
I always want things to be as 'real' as possible. In aSoIaF most of everything is very realistic... it just also adds in some dragons, some possibly real gods, some magic... but the base of everything is as realistic as anything 'irl'

The Makeover Mage isn't that unrealistic, since we're capable of the same stuff in real life through non-magical means ;)
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01-Oct-2016 15:40:14

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Cthris said:
Solanumtinkr said:

So for curiosities sake answer me this: If you had to chose one NPC to be Master of a Shapeshifting skill, who would you chose and why?

Either Hel**r or Kolodion. Hel**r because he's been training his skills for an ungodly amount of years. Though I prefer Kolodion, mostly because he kind of a wildcard character, and isn't an elf fanatic, but also because he has shown he is capable of shape-shifting into so many different life forms.

Personally, though, I really hope that we don't get a shape-shifting skill. It seems too silly, and I would not be able to take it seriously, especially if I have to turn into a giant rat or spider or something. Not to mention it will be stupid in quest situations. For instance, say we are locked up in a jail, or can't touch the floor or something and we aren't able to turn into a mouse or a bird to escape.
Helwyr is a bad option. He is currently a full time boss.
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01-Oct-2016 16:17:29

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I don't think Helwyr is a good choice for a master, but not because he's a boss. He gained his powers from absorbing the essence of the Hunleff. I doubt he has much knowledge of shapeshifting apart from shifting between his natural form and that of the Hunleff. -
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