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So, I'm bored, and decided to make a list of all powerful non-elder Artifacts, so that we could have a discussion on other things that may exist, or have existed, or could exist, for factions to fight over for future events, or just a fun catalogue here to look over for a week or two, if this thread doesn't die too soon.

~Artifacts "In Play"~

Amserdrwys ~
World Guardian
's Possession
Wand of Resurrection ~
's Possession
Shield of Arrav ~ Dimintheis's Posession
Darklight ~
World Guardian
's Posession
Kharid-Ib ~
's Posession
Sunspear ~
World Guardian
's Posession
Divine Focus ~ Kinda just sitting there...
...waiting for
the Godless
to take control of it

~Artifacts "Out of Use"~

The Godsword ~

Frostenhorn ~

Barrows Icon ~

Tree Gnome's Orbs of Protection ~ Doing their job

So yea, comment other items that I forgot to add that may currently be un-owned or missing that we or some other faction could mysteriously come across, and maybe start a mini-World Event over. :P
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Off the top of my head:

- Shield of Arrav: Can nullify Mahjarrat magic, which is why Zem wanted it.

- Silver/Darklight: Supposedly enchanted by Guthix himself, but that's most likely not true. Either way, it's a very powerful demon-slaying sword and the only (known) weapon capable of killing Delrith or Agrith Naar. It's kind of strange how we need it against some demons, and not others, but I believe that can be chalked up to gameplay mechanics.

- Godspear: Weapon designed by Armadyleans, Zamorakians, Saradominists and Godless. Can significantly weaken a t4 god... If used by thousands over a month. Ok maybe not that impressive.

- Divine focus: God killing cannon that takes ages to charge and apparently makes a master strategist unable to dodge.

- Jagex bronze dagger: you can get one of these for only 1995! Order today!
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Maiden China
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AesirWarrior said:
- Jagex bronze dagger: you can get one of these for only 1995! Order today!
"watch as this guy takes out an entire five hundred pound cow, all with one slice with the amazing jagex bronze dagger"

(also 227 kg is pretty light for a cow... but... they are rather small for cows. I always wondered if britian like has smaller cows or so. Cows are actually about 750 to 1000kg)

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Ancient Drew
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The TARDIS from that penguin quest? I mean it may have failed to freeze Gielinor but at least it snowed out some of the Kharidian Desert, and it ran on power that didn't exist until after its timezone. That counts for something right? Prepare for hell on RuneScape in Naval Cataclysm!

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Dragonkinbane ammo: used by the Kethsians and Robert the Strong in the past. Theoretically could be produced now, but would need a dead dragonkin.

Dragonkin Protection Charm: created by Tarshak, used by Kalibath and then the World Guardian. Was lost after the battle with the Abomination.

The Dragon Forge: sealed away by the Dragonkin, unlocked and reactivated by the World Guardian. The only forge capable of working dragon metal, and it is currently planned to be the only forge players can make masterwork gear at.

Balmung: forged by Kharshai, tuned to Dagannoths by the World Guardian.

Wolfbane: a blessed silver dagger that prevents a werewolf from changing into it's wolfish form. Originally in Drezel's possession efore eing given to the World Guardian. Now a part of the reforged Sunspear.

Keris: A powerful dagger noted for it's unusual effectiveness at piercing kalphite exoskeletons.

The Lava Flow Mines: a minor miracle of engineering, the Lava Flow Mines powers most of Keldagrim by creating steam using the titular Lava.

The Heart of Gielinor: technically not an elder artifact despite being made by the Elders, the Heart is a nexus for the flow of anima prior to it presumably being redirected to the elder halls.

The World Window: a portal to Mazcab sustained by the leaking energy from Tuska. One of the few ways to travel across the universe at minimal personal cost. Theoretically it could be retuned to any of the other worlds Tuska has visited in the past.

Kami Shima: an island that produces an Edicts like barrier around the whole of the Eastern Lands. Birthplace of sea monsters, protected by the Tengu, the Memory, and the Exile.

The Sword of Edicts and the Druid Circles: Guthix's sword was used both as a physical reminder of his Edicts and a transmitter for the signal that his resting place had been discovered. The Druid Circles acted as receivers for this signal.

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The Castle Drakan Portal(s): Created by Lorwerniel to travel between Gielinor and Vampyrium, requires enormous stores of blood to fuel it. The Gielinorean side was dismantled by Vanescula.

The Fairy Ring Network: Created accidentally by Guthix when he attempted to contain one of the Elder Blade's rifts on Zanaris with a shard of shattered Elder Blade. Allows for cheap transportation across the universe.

The World Gate: Created by Guthix when mending the Elder Blade's rifts with pieces of the Elder Blade. Allows for cheap transportation across the universe.

Nex's four crystals: Concentrated stores of the 4 ancient elements. These were created by Zaros in order to create the Nihil, and were given to Nex after his return in the 6th age. Nex can utilize them within her sanctum to temporarily empower herself.

These are the ones I can think of off of the top of my head.

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