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xBlue Rosesx
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xBlue Rosesx

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All right, here's an idea for the Jagex mods: a Jordan Peterson-ish argument on order vs. chaos between Saradomin and Zamorak, with Saradomin arguing for order and Zamorak arguing for chaos.

In case you didn't know, Jordan Peterson is this really amazing guy. I wish he could be my professor and I wish he was my therapist too. That man never fails to blow my mind, I could watch Youtube clips of his talks or whole speeches all day long. Everything he says, whether it's criticizing cultural marxism or advice on sorting yourself out, is pure genius.

Now, since Jordan Peterson really favors order over chaos, the dialogue would be heavily biased for the Saradominist side, and you know what? Good. Saradomin could use a popularity boost.

Some of you might say it's dumb to write dialogue just to reference one person. As a counterargument, I have to remind you that Runescape is full of references to other things. Go to the Trivia section for any RS quest, go through NPC dialogue (for quests and non-quest NPCs) and it's clear Runescape's overdosed with references. One more reference won't hurt anyone.

One last thing, Saradomni is also the god of wisdom so it makes sense for him to talk like Jordan Peterson. In fact, I can totally picture him reading Jordan Peterson's book, 12 Rules for Life it's probably why he's the god of wisdom, he knows and quotes Jordan Peterson.
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20-Jun-2018 03:32:16

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I think this is not a very good idea for a couple reasons. Mainly, Saradomin and Zamoraks ideologies are far too general, a myriad of pithy phrases, that anyone can get behind, is all they really add up too, the ideologies lack any deep metaphysical basis or scientific justification and frequently engage in a conflation of terms. The ideas expressed are too vague and have not been thought out enough to provide enough substance for a rich and meaningful dialogue.

Jordan Peterson is a scientist and when he's at his best he's not just slinging fancy words, he's following proper rules of inference and is articulating information gained by way empirical inquiry. Now, admittedly, I suspect that Peterson can be just as dogmatic as either of the two at times, so maybe if you wanted to pay homage to the worst version of Peterson that may work. But, ultimately, I do not think it would be worth anyone's time working on implementing your idea simply because all it would amount to is a shoddy caricature of a Platonic dialogue.

Your time would be much better spent reading the real philosophic dialogues, the brothers karamazov for example, than pining over the lack of any meaningful debate in a video game where there is a cabbage god.

20-Jun-2018 13:19:29



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1) Poorly written. Childish.

2) This belongs in suggestions, not lore.

3) I can't tell what's more appalling, your lack understanding in JBP's content or RS's actual lore. I suggest brushing up on both.
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20-Jun-2018 16:09:58

A Mad Hatter
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A Mad Hatter

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So I'm going to have to lock this since it's not discussing...well, any actual lore.

Not gonna lie though, as interesting as a conversation on order and chaos between the gods would be, I'm not seeing how a suggestion to have that kind of debate fits into a forum where the main purpose is to discuss the actual lore of the game and its implications. You'd probably be better off posting this kind of idea in the suggestions forum, though for what it's worth I think you need to suggest actual content to go along with it to keep the thread open. Might help to check ahead of time before you do if you go down that route.
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21-Jun-2018 01:32:02

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