Thoughts on Werewolf Quests

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Morytania Loar (Varrock museum):

4th Age - Year 1777
Temple records show that human settlers came to the temple on the River Salve looking for new lands in which to settle. While there were legends that the temple on the Salve was blocking great evil, they refused to heed the warnings of the then custodians of the temple, thinking them possibly behind the times or reciting old legends

5th Age - Year 23
An evil vampyre lord started to take control of northern Morytania and his minions visited the various human groups in the area demanding blood tithes, causing widespread panic. Werewolves founded a settlement near to the temple. From the few survivors, we learned that most of the human in habitants eventually succumbed and paid the blood tithe imposed by the vampyres. Only the inhabitants of Castle Fenkenstrain stood up to this evil influence.


Now we all know werewolves have been around since *at least* the third age, but what do you think of the idea that the Canifis wolves were once the human settlers who travelled to morytania in the fourth age. Hell, if Jagex decide to still make werewoles their own race then maybe the Canifis wolves are the equivalent of human turned vyres, while purebloods only have one form.

Idk I just really like the idea of Canifis being those settlers.
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