Yandere of the Gods

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Penny Drakis
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Penny Drakis

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Amascut doesn't have worshipers, she only has yanderes.

The Slayer Masters are yandere for Amascut. Cats are so yandere for Amascut that they teach their kittens to be yandere for Amascut.

She might also be a yandere. I dare not speculate on the object of her affection because ew.

She is the Goddess of Yandere.
Humility is self-destruction, pride is the destruction of all else. And He said, "
Let there be light.
And then there were none.

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An interesting proposition. I, however, do not think Bandos cared for his followers gender. Bandos valued strength and strength alone. I see your point about the chosen commander quest, but could that not be a coincidence?

Zanik is now potentially dead (post-mighty fall)
, so do you still believe your proposition?

Happy Hunting,

Though our god fallen, our brothers and sisters scattered... ready we remain; for one more battle.


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Not potentially dead; in Nomad's Elegy, it's revealed that she dies even if you choose to let her try to start a new life for the Bandosians She recovered from her illness, briefly, while on Yu'biusk, but eventually she began to relapse, and after a while, she died in her sleep.
A Zamorakian lorehound, probably.

18-Dec-2017 09:52:03

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