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I wouldn't mind it.

But no Saradomin'ists or Armadylian's recolonizing.

Saradomin and friends already have enough city's and land, Arma and the chipmunks will get a entire planet with Rop, Seren and crystal addicts have a entire city, and probably will be living together with the birdy's on their home planet, if Arma and Seren will help each another.

-Zamorakian's, because it seems fit, and it will be nice to see a decent Zamorakian society.

-Bandosian's, same as Zimzamian's, but with human followers. perhaps both of them clashing with one another for land and resources.

-Zarosian's, it was all purple before the war and nuke, and still holds some of their architecture . But i believe it fits better to have them a entire underground city or something at the temple at the Dig site, or something.

-Godless, well perhaps some of them or guthixian's trying to heal the land or searching for resources or something.
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