Theory on Sliske's true plan

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Wow, this is all pretty amazing to read! I didn't know there were reveals of this sort at RuneFest!

Anyways, we're a month away from Children of Mah, (FOTG2), which is planned for November. Let's see what unfolds then!
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04-Oct-2016 19:23:19

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Well, using our soul to have one of his own is only Sliskes plan for US.
True it seems that gathering the gods (and/or other beings of interest) is his master's plan.. but a total solar eclipse, when the light is engulfed by the Shadows? Barring Zaros, nobody benefits more from that than Sliske. It's not a coincidence.. either his master, or more likely Sliske himself, has some plan that will work only/best with Gielinor under total Shadow. I have a theory on what it might be.

Sliske has, on more than one occasion, shown his ability to pull us into the Shadow Realm; even to pull the World Gate out of the Shadow Realm and into the material realm. I believe that his grand scheme (Sliske's "Endgame," if you will. ;) ) is to pull all the gathered Gods and their followers; or worse, all of Gielinor, into the Shadow Realm.. his realm, where he has the edge on basically anybody (barring Zaros, again.)
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05-Oct-2016 06:14:59

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It makes little sense for Sliske to want to bring Zaros in on this, unless Zaros actually does get weaker power over the Shadow Realm than Sliske when he's got the light simulacrum. Might explain why he told us to sabotage his return. Prepare for hell on RuneScape in Naval Cataclysm!

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05-Oct-2016 06:22:54



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So ....
Sliske was working under the combination of his own self interests, Zaros, and Oreb.
Oreb helped him learn the whole Soul Transfer Ritual.
Zaros wants to come back, needs help from Sliske, Azzie, and the World Guardian.
From Sliske
Step 1: (with help from the other Zarosians) Find a way to get Zaros around the Edicts of Guthix. Zarosian plan was negotiate. Sliske's plan was kill.
Step 2: Cause a distraction. The gods were already getting into it with the Edict Barrier down and Sara and Zam having the first fight. Sliske's activities and showcase simply upped the interest. (Missing Presumed Death)
Step 3: Come back to Gilienor. He needed the World Guardian. The WG needed Sliske and Azzie to get access to the World gate.
With these steps accomplished, Zaros returns unnoticed.
Sliske still gets excommunicated, loses the protection of the Zarosian Faction, still has to deal with all other factions (especially Seren and Zamorakian)

Elsewhere, his 2nd master (whether it is lip service, or true servitude) wants Sliske to do something really really nasty.

Sliske, thinking of himself and his own boredom, decides to hedge his bets.
Events of Kindred Spirits, he takes a fragment of the World Guardian's soul to use as he sees fit.
With Oreb's ritual, he will likely try to infuse it in himself since we know that when a Mahjarrat dies, they don't go to any sort of afterlife.
So to avoid the whole end of his fun, he'll aim for something, even beyond the grave.
Not the best possible outcome, but better than nothing ... literally.

05-Oct-2016 21:53:00

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All interesting theories, everyone. We still don't know too much about his true plans (obviously), but we're getting there. I'm wondering if we might need to fight another wight of ourselves that Sliske made with our soul eventually!
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06-Oct-2016 19:24:46

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My theory involves Sliske trying to join all of the gods's territories into one, a "world government" of Runescape, if you want to call it that. Every god basically controls a certain amount of territory, or their followers will willingly give up their land to their God.

Zaros talks about his empire failing in the sense that he failed to unite the world through war.

The question I asked Sliske after the quest is why he wanted to bring back Zaros. He mentioned the words "world peace"

People have said that the music track "Zaros Returns" has voices calling Zaros the king of all things, king of Runescape in a hush hush kind of way.

That being said, Sliske's master is probably Zaros, if this theory has any merit.

07-Oct-2016 03:24:33

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