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From what I can remember, Mod Avatar said in a live stream Vindicata is so long lived as she was put in status around the Queen Black Dragon so survived similarly to how Hannibus did.

Its worth noting The Watch who made GWD2 are a completely different team with style and agenda from The Dukes, who created One of a Kind and Hero's Welcome. One of a Kind was purposefully designed to be reminiscent of popular aspects of While Guthix Sleeps and the Dukes chose to do the most quests this year meaning they chose to do updates with figures with long lore histories. In short, the Dukes made a dedicated effort to engage and appeal with the lore. The Watch in many regards in the opposite. They chose to develop Call of the Ancestors because they didn't want to have to work with races with long lore histories. Furthermore, they were the only team this year to chose not to do a quest until the schedule was shifted and they were made to develop Fate of the Gods 2. If you go back to the livestreams discussing the tales of the god wars, you will see the developers don't really tend to answer the lore questions seriously and are more "Oh look how cool this is". Whilst this might work on the PvM crowd (different strokes) it doesn't really provide a well explained backstory for the generals.

So yeah. The explanations for the GWD2 generals backstories were deliberately left open so there is no in game explanation and I doubt one will come soon. Mod Avatar's statement about the Queen Black Dragon prolonging Vindicta's life is likely the best you will get for a long time and even that raises several unanswered questions.
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