Ilujankan ages

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The others already pointed out about Vindicta.

There's another way to look at it.

In some lores, "older" races tended to trade off fertility for lifespan. They could live longer, but have children less frequently.
In addition, the Ilujan*a come from a world where they lived Agrarian lives and had virtually no known predators or conflict (the concept of war was relatively foreign to them). So the only things that would typically kill them were accident, illness, or essentially old age.

But yes, by the time Zaros came to them, they were aware of their fertility issue.
A number of their race left to go to Zaros' wars. but they didn't completely commit their numbers.
Since they reproduced via eggs like reptiles or bids, it is possible the females that departed, left behind a number of eggs to at least try to have hatched, even if they were gone.

Even then, with generation after generation of declining birth rates, it would take a long long time for them to reach the point where even though they mathematically "could" reproduce, the odds were against them.
Without wars or outside calamities, here we are, thousands of years laters (since the time of the God Wars), the Ilujan*a have finally reached their critical mass/fated end and have simply accepted that there is nothing else they can do. Even the addition of Hannibus and Vindicta to their numbers wouldn't do much to stave off the inevitable. At best, it could buy them one to more more viable generations.

Their only help to have a future would have been someone with the understanding of the sciences like Kerapac, or a high tier god who can weave energies and change mortals (basically Elder Tier Gods)*

Their lifespans in general could be long, simply because they are and don't have much that would kill them off quickly.
Hannibus and Vindicta's lifespans were not naturally extended, but instead used stasis.

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