How does banking work

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A pocket dimension seems like the easiest solution. We know for a fact that certain dimensions can have a slower passage of time relative to Gielinor. Only question I have is whether that kind of magic is available to businesses or the general population. Would they have hired wizards to establish it? I suppose if the Varrock Museum can create a pocket dimension just so their Professor of Unnatural History has a sizable office, then the Bank originating from the same city probably has those resources as well. There's also Player Owned Houses of course, but I have no idea how many of those there canonically are.

Alternatively, they could have teleporting couriers to transport unique/rare items while the rest is stored locally. If you consider the Postbags canonical, then they already use teleportation for shift changes.

Of course certain banks are almost undoubtedly non-canon, like bank chests outside boss battles or in quests. I don't think Lensig had secret access to the Bank of Runescape from her tower. And in some cases, like with Menaphos, I doubt they're actually connected to the "Bank of Runescape".

Edit: Also from the Postbags, the old Banker from the Wilderness Volcano:

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