How does banking work

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I've been curious as to how banks work in the realm of Runescape Lore. Whilst I am aware of gameplay and story segregation, I believe that I have a theory (completely unsupported), about how banking would work.

The vast majority of banks have access to a small, on site vault with the most basic of currencies. They also have access to a centralised hub of raw materials like logs and metal ores. This is how most NPCs would bank. A farmer might have a small locker in his bank; with his personal belongings, but would be able to go to any bank and withdraw from his account. However, the coins that he withdraws from different banks are not his, they are drawn from a centralised collection.

The Adventurer, how ever, is different. How on earth can we store animals, massive items, fresh food and come back and find them to be unchanged - most of the time?

(Thinking now, do seeds grow into seedlings while banked?)

Because our bank account is entirely our own, situated in a time-stopped pocket dimension created much like a POH. Because of the expertise required to maintain such a dimension, there is no point in creating for anyone but the ilk of the Adventurer. Which also means that if you deposit a coin in Al-Kharid, and you withdraw it in Lleyta, it is the same coin, whereas a traveller who does the same will rely on an infinitesimal chance to do the same.

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Ancient Drew said:
It's possible that bankers have access to a mini-dimension or some plane which theoretically has infinite space and is frozen in time. I don't think that seeds can grow into saplings in the bank. But I would be interested in seeing what they've got to do it.

Yeah, I don't know how much Jagex has thought about the lore of banks...

Which raises another point - why are some items unable to be banked?

Well, at least I know what to ask at the next Lore Corner.

11-May-2017 17:58:10

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