Divine Energy and Power

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Questions about Divine energy and power.

1.When a mortal gain access to divine power and achieve godhood, how and why does it changes the person's appearance? like example When Zamorak gained godhood his muscles and his Sideface Horn got much more bigger?

2. Does Gods gain powers when they have a lots of worshipers? like example Seren is known to have born with divine power how does she have access to crystal power? did she gain the power of crystal due to she has linked with the elves (who is known to have addiction for crystal) and How Zamorak got the demonic wings because he spended too much time with Infernal realm with the demons?

3. does divine energy changes it's color when someone get access to it? example Zamorak has fire blast, Saradomin has blue blast and Zaros has purple blast.

bonus question just for fun! if you gained access divine power (blast) what color do you want it to be?
i will go first i want it to be blood red.

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1. When a god ascends, their natural racial traits tend to be exaggerated somewhat, but by all means we also know that gods have control over their appearance, able to change it somewhat to their will. Examples being Armadyl's phoenix-like appearance for the Sixth Age, to symbolise his rising from his previous failures. Or, the fact Saradomin's changed his appearance a few times.

2. There's absolutely no relation in RuneScape lore between the number of worshippers a god has and their actual power or strength. It is purely decided by how much divine energy they possess or have access to.

Seren and Zaros both have a natural control over crystal, due to their body being composed of it. The Elves addiction to crystal is down to what Seren did back aeons ago when she interfered with the Elves longetivity to allow them to live for centuries and tied their lifeforce to her. So without her, they became increasingly sick, and longed for her, until they eventually passed. But some of Seren's residual energy lingered in the crystals of Tarddiad, so to combat the need for her, the Elves took these crystals into themselves, which became a growing addiction and further need.

As stated previously, gods can change their forms somewhat, Zamorak added demonic and vampyric traits to his appearance likely to reflect his followers.

3. There's no specific answer to this question, arguably it could be down to the traits of the gods themselves, but perhaps more so how they choose to manifest their energy in respect to the traits of their form.

Bonus: If I were a god, my magic would manifest as dark green.
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