Why Khazard/Gnome war a thing?

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Giras said:
Maiden China said:
Giras said:
So... it's the gnomes' fault that Khazard is kicking their shit in? Next quest... let us help Khazard.
in no way is khazard ever the good guy, even if he somehow isn't the aggressor

if someone's walking up to your front door swinging a baseball bat, it's probably a good idea to deal with him before he gets there

The gnomes attacked Khazard because Khazard's influence was growing, not because he was making plans to invade them. This is 100% the gnomes' fault, it's like trying to pick a fight with your neighbor because he's been body building.

Humans had settled in the area and were looking to establish a foothold in what had been gnomish lands

I forgot about this line. It's easy to forget because it's never brought up elsewhere in the text, but clearly the gnomes considered the land theirs at one point. Now you could probably argue anout whether that claim was legitimate (they went underground on several occasions, even after the god wars iirc), but from their pov it could be seen as an invasion of sorts. Damn humans stealing gnomish lands!

... and of course we're talking about Glouphrie here, who actively sought out conflict with humans. Not sure if it's fair to blame all of gnome kind because he tricked Bolrie. He wasn't even King.
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Thing is, the gnomes may claim the land in name but they had basically nothing there to mark as their own. It's not like they had a line of small settlements or even a signpost. The humans basically began spreading to the middle of nowhere that the gnomes had the audacity to still claim as their own despite abandoning it for the past few eons.
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