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Maiden China said:
1 fine. I missed the bit where i said the rock talked to you and did things that might make you think it's self aware
2 well, I guess in rs, no one is self aware since everyone's an npc and the character you control is empty of independant thought, so... yeah, I guess you're right
3 well, you 'could', but I can't. I mean I can assume every other human is like that, which isn't something I want to assume, but I can't assume that for myself... since.. I'm me. Like me-me. Like I'm an actual living being, my friends. Like alive and stuff. Like why can't you see me, I'm here. I'm alive. I am me. Me, I tell you. I'm alive... like... alive-alive, not pretend-alive like you possibly are. *shakes you by the shoulders*

1. If we add in the 'must exhibit a facsimile of sentience' requirement to your definition, we end up excluding a number of robots from being robots (ex: the mechanical arms on an assembly line). It also still doesn't address any of Socrateus's objections.

2. You missed the entire point. You've made a claim that a soul is necessary for one to have free will, but have provided no argument and no proof to back up this claim. 'What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.' -Hitchens's razor.

3. Again, you miss the point. I'm saying that there's a fairly good argument that the conscioous, that thing you are so proud of, could be the expression of a biological program that stores information, solves problems (applying the information stored), propagates, and adapts (your genome). A soul is not necessary to explain self awareness, so being self aware does not prove either the soul's existence or that you possess a soul.

So simply claiming you are self aware/'alive' dismisses neither the point that human beings can be considered robots, nor the objection to your assertion that having a soul and being a robot are mutually exclusive dichotomous terms.

15-Nov-2016 12:38:28

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Lethalintent said:
ZAmorakZaros said:
Wahisietel said:
I doubt the Queen of Ashes is Elidinis, since she wouldn't have difficulty locating Gielinor

I will say one word.
Can gods get it?

"The Gods do not forget"- Icthlarin.

Although maybe if her hysteria was that great it could of induced some mental episode.

Seren is somewhat a representation of this, but she destroyed herself, not exactly amnesia as a whole.

The closest thing to god that we have seen to lose memory was Kharshai
I do not ship ZamorakxZaros.
I follow them. And Marimbo, the best t5 god.

17-Nov-2016 00:20:03

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