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Monkeymaner said:
Why would the Queen of Ashes show her hand now? especially with an event that ends in two weeks (around the same time that Children of Mah might come out) and with an npc tied to zaros?

Perhaps she felt the energy that was building from Zaro's Throne room being found and this was combined with waiting for an entire year to "poke" at the world?

More curious as to find out what will happen with all the Embers we are gathering for the Queen of Ashes.
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10-Nov-2016 03:07:21

A Mad Hatter
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Zack3 said:
A Mad Hatter said:
Rondstat said:
What is this two week event that everyone keeps talking about?

Long and short of it....

Playing the game on members servers (at least I think its members servers. Could be f2p for all I know) gives you some kind of ember that acts as a currency you can hand in to the burning nihil in Lumbridge crater by the bonfire. Said nihil is also a servant of the Queen of Ashes.

its f2p too :P


And now I wish I hadn't gone and gotten my f2p hardcore character killed off for a bet. That nihil cosmetic looks pretty neat for something that had nothing at the time :@

Zack3 said:
mangomanga22 said:
Just means no more waiting. We get to kill her off sooner than later.

Considering previous gods who died, I would say she will die as soon as she appears ingame, we only need to guess how many minutes she gets of life.

Minutes? Pfffft...try milliseconds at the rate we're going. Jagex needs to create drama somehow to compensate for the lagging story :p

*edit: a word had a successful cloning experiment. wtf O_o
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Sliske wants to watch the world burn so it makes sense :D

Can Xautak/Queen be similar crazycreepy twins like Zaros/Seren, like Z/S emotion/logic so they can be like fire/water or life/death, swamp/desert (Kharid/Morytania haha :D) ?

19-Nov-2016 22:48:46

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