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Today I realised, that all I need to get max farm xp is one of the wheel barrows by the rumbery bushes, a bush and a shaking machine of some kind. Stick them in the bank and wait while berries fall off until I have max stack...! Simplez ^_^ The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
Poke monsters with a sharp stick, Then steal anything that isn't nailed down!
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Big Storms said:
Today I realized that the morally grey choice between having Hannibus spend his final days with his kin or letting Kerapac experiment on him in the hopes of curing his race actually turned out incredibly bad for those that chose the latter option: the dragonkin, now free of their curse by destroying the Stone of Jas, have no reason to uphold their intention of healing the Illujankans. Thus there are people who now have Hannibus stuck in the lab of a dragonkin who would deem him as a now useless specimen. Glad I did not choose that option =p

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