We must sacrifice Gielinor

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Lethalintent said:

We back Zaros.

The only god whose doing something useful with his time instead of live action roleplaying the hunger games like the lesser gods.

And you trust him? I would head the advice of the other God that is as powerful and as old as Zaros who is waisting her time with the elves. She will do all in her power to stop Zaros from waking the Elder Gods and him becomming one.

Even the notion that it is his birthright to become an elder god and that he would be the best choice is pomposity to the max.
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Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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The World Guardian's role was to protect this world. Even if I don't agree with Guthix on many things, I agree with him on that point. We're not here to decide whether this world lives or dies, we're here to ensure it doesn't die.

What kind of guardians would we be if we let this world die?
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nothebeltdad said:
Just uplift Zaros and Seren.

And form a coalition with the lesser gods until the threat is dealt with.

I do not think even all living non elder gods together will be enough to beat even Bik. I will use my same old reasoning: Mah, the weakest elder god, created two tier two gods, bunch of almost gods, dreamt muspahs into existence all the time and even after that she is powerful. And she is just the weakest of them.
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I follow them. And Marimbo, the best t5 god.

19-Nov-2016 10:46:11

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