Would you replay a quest?

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Queen Farli
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Queen Farli

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I'd replay quests just for fun. No extra rewards needed. It's be great to refresh my memory of them. I don't want to have to make a whole new account and level it right up (and pay for more membership, I'm a student!) to be able to redo quests so the lore makes sense and just for fun. I love quests and would be totally delighted if I could redo whole story lines now I have the levels to do so (the whole vampire line from the very beginning over a week or so would be awesome! So would penguins.)

09-Oct-2018 20:25:26



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Absolutely. Some lorehounds like myself have hard times finding anything else to do ingame after more than a decade playing. Runescape's lore is something to be cherished and it would definitely keep more players online.

13-Oct-2018 06:23:56



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Absolutely, but one thing needs to be addressed. If we do replay a quest and complete it, do we get some percentage of the rewards xp wise or a ticket of treasure hunter or the like? I would not mind replayability, but you are eating up time for other quests and questing as a training method would be interesting particularly at lower skill levels. Summers End was last quest to try to scale rewards and it would be something I'd enjoy putting onto all the old quests. At some point, lorehounds probably should get a listing officially by what is now considered canon and what is not.

17-Oct-2018 02:32:29

Janos Morgan
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Janos Morgan

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I would favour a one-chance redo of all 6th Age quest choices, like what they did with Sliske's Endgame, especially there are a few choices I made which I don't consider canon for my character. Janos Morgan of Asgarnia
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22-Oct-2018 16:31:00

blue jewel21

blue jewel21

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I would, it's been so long and I love all the quests- just like books, rereading a book for familiarity and joy. The characters are so delightful. It would not be the same for me, watching a let's play. Is there a way to do that nowadays? I want to help the cook again! in RS3

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Deltaslug said:
If the mechanic existed in game, that allowed you to do a quest over (just like the Frem Sagas), would you?

Depends on the quest. If it's a quest with a great storyline and great characterization, and is a joy to play through, then yes I certainly would replay it.

If it's just a tedious slog with overly long and complicated puzzles or just revolving around an overly hard boss fight, probably not.

Quests I'd replay: Most of the cave goblin series, the pirate quests, the penguin series, the dwarf quests, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and its prequels, and some of the more lighthearted standalone quests.

Quests I probably wouldn't replay: Elemental Workshop 3 (difficulty madness), Mournings Ends II (difficulty madness), Salt in the Wound (poor storytelling decisions), Summer's End (difficulty madness).

14-Mar-2019 16:43:15

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