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Looking further into things.
(Due to, the now epic quest of, trying to find a 100% statement showing that Saradomin attacked Zaros before the start of the 3rd Age)
I found this quote
"Virtus - Sextus nundinal
I return to Ghorrock after three weeks to find the strange energy gone and Glacies transformed. Inhuman, but somehow not. The body is changed but the essence remains, conscious, unfazed and entirely tuned to ice magic. She tells me that this energy only reacted to fill a void, that she drained her own life to weave this strange power into her very soul. Had I been present I wouldn't have allowed such a dangerous act. Necromancy is better left to those skilled enough to join Zemouregal's legion but the result is agreeable."
We know that this means the Glacies merged her own soul with the Ice and magic around her, similarly to how the Nature spirits merge their souls with the nature and magic around them.
What makes this really interesting though is that Virtus specifically says that this is a form of Necromancy.

All these crazy ramblings seem to have uncovered a deep well of lore that was right in front of us the whole time.
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