Sliske's Endgame: Speculation

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It would be too easy to say our Fenrir was Fenrir wouldn't it? Or the Fenris wolves. Anyway, If we want to keep the familial connections between characters (Fenrir being the son of Loki for example), then I fear this would pretty much be impossible. So let's just ignore who's who's father/brother/mother and just look at who kills who.

Honestly I have no idea. I suppose if we made Zaros Odin (even though Saradomin is arguably more similar), Fenrir would be Zamorak (which kind of fits with the whole growing larger/breaking his chains thing :P) and Tyr would be... Saradomin? Or Tyr could be Zaros because he bound Fenrir (to the empire, stagnation etc etc. you get the idea) and lost a hand (his physical body).

Nah that probably won't work.

As is to be expected, there's a shitton of different versions of this. I believe in one of them Tyr fights Hel's wolf, Garm, at Ragnarok. Now, Hel could probably be either Icthlarin or Death, but I think Icthlarin works better as Garm... Because he's a dog... But tbh I don't see him killing any more gods, so that comparison is moot.

Alright I can't find any notable comparisons.

Anyway, I think there are more parallels to be found with Ragnarok. First thing that comes to mind is how the sun will turn black.

Though tbh I think the great revision is more likely to have ragnarok parallels than endgame.
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