Sliske's Endgame: Speculation

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Hi everyone, I'm not usually around the lore forums much. Usually my home is the RP forums.

But this juicy detail I found... It made me very motivated to share what I found.

This right here, is Loki, God of Mischief and Trickery. Does he look familiar, at all?

In the Above the Lore of Sliske, Mod Osbourne mentioned the masks of Sliske were unintentional, and thought of later after how an artist interpreted his face. Sliske may have purposefully been given an appearance like Loki. Why is this important? Let's take a peak at what exactly Sliske/Loki had done.

Sliske was behind the death of Guthix, a widely beloved God. Loki is believed to be behind the death of Baldr, also a widely beloved God and Mentor to Thor. (This will be important later.)

Loki inadvertently brought upon the endtimes, Ragnarok.
Sliske brought upon the Second God Wars, and were the World Gate not open from Zaros' actions of the Sixth age, the Elder Gods would not stir so soon, as Xenia wouldn't have drained them early.

In Norse mythology, every God has a rival who during Ragnarok, will kill them.

Thor had the Midguard Serpent.
Odin had the wolf Fenrir.
And Loki? Loki was to be killed by Heimdallr, the Watcher on the walls of Asgard, gaurding the Gods.

The key point of Norse myth, is the rival and God both die. V, a practitioner of Guthix's beliefs and Hero-God (Like Thor) was killed by Tarshak, a reptilian Dragonkin (Like the Serpent.) The poison of V's energy to Tarshak, was eventually and inevitably his downfall, just as the venom of the Serpent killed Thor.

Clearly, Jagex does know their Norse Myths. And Sliske has many similarities to Loki.

Because Sliske has a piece of our Soul, many speculate this means Sliske is not killable by Gods. We, a mortal World Guardian alone have the power to do so.

Chances are, we both will either die, trap Sliske, or lose something great with beating him.

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