Cursed Archipelago is Wushanko

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Was just wondering if this was a theory, so yeah, I definitely want this to be true. Even if the series doesn't involve Xau-Tak, we should try to use RuneLabs to get a Pirate quest there. However, Rowl*y's response to a Valluta quest makes it clear that quest will be hard. Hence while we'll need to settle for some lore like the Cursed Archipelago and Xau-Tak.

I think the pre-release hype surrounding River of Blood could potentially serve as an example of how to generate interest in a Pirate quest. River of Blood has the advantage of following on from Lord of Vampyrium, but A Clockwork Syringe came out five months before Branches of Darkmeyer. Assuming River of Blood goes well, then the Pirates should either get something that feels similar to Lord of Vampyrium, or if the next quest is the finale, follow the example of the upcoming Morytania Madness update. On Monday, we're supposed to be seeing content that will reacquaint us with Morytania. Try to set the mood for the Pirate series thus far.

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