Stone Touching & Using Falsely

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"If you believe you can distance yourself from the harm you cause, you're deluding yourself. You're not some mindless tool. You're accountable. Your actions will catch up with you eventually." -Jedi Master Jun Seros; Swtor Bounty Hunter storyline.

12-Jul-2015 10:53:04



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Maybe we should think about the capacity of any being to absord magical energy as a container of some sorts. With each bit of power you collect, the more the container is filled, the higher you go on the power spectrum.
Now when Guthix made us the World Guardian, he punched a hole in our container.
This made it so that whenever we came upon divine power whether it be from the stone or an attack from a god, it would fill the container, but eventually it would all leak out.
The exception being if the attack was so immense that it would shatter the container, killing us.

Does that also mean there is a threshold for us being able to permanently absorb power as well?

21-Apr-2016 08:16:44

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