Zaros will become an elder god

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If we are carrying on with the flame and star analogy, I think Zaros will burn himself out. The wording suggests that he is burning super hot, and suddenly everything goes dark - like a fire being snuffed out?

Maybe the energy will overwhelm him and destroy him completely. Or maybe he will have to destroy himself to be reborn as an Elder God.

Maybe the great sadness is his pain at being rejected by Jas. Becoming an Elder God had always been the height of his ambition - practically his life's work. The sadness ends because he either becomes an elder god or reaches the same level of power. So he has a few moments of satisfaction to think to himself: "There, I've finally done it." Then he dies happy and possibly(?) gets reborn.

Edit: I just had another theory that adds to this.

When you revive Zaros, you either give him a light simulcram or a dark one. The light one rejects him, because he has dark energy.

Here's the thing though. Mah created Zaros and Seren with equal power. So she must have equal amounts of both light and dark energy. I would assume this is the same for all elder gods.

But Zaros's body is only compatible with dark energy. So it would only stand to reason that a dark simulcram would reject the light half of elder godhood. But instead of slowly seeping out out of his body, it would all explode simply because that is such a vast quantity of energy compared to how much power he has now. A light simulcram would probably have a similar and possibly worse reaction to the dark half.

He needs a new body, but who is going to make it for him? The Elder Gods won't. And where will he get the energy? Mah is dead, so that source of power is tapped out.
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