Why did Mah attack Zaros?

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Swolllliosis said:

If Mah feared them, why did Zaros say at one point in the past, Mah treated them more like toys (or comfort friends, according to Seren)?

I think the bold part answers your own question. Mah might have treated them like toys in the past, but as far as we know that was before the Mah-whatever tribes showed up.

Now imagine that kind of scenario from the point of view of something that's lacking proper understanding of the situation: all you know is you somehow created these neat things made of dark and light energy. They're self aware, but for the most part to you that's just how things were. Odd, but harmless.

But then the dreams start. You start seeing...things. Things that look similar to your 'toys' but different. You have no idea what they are, but they're different and pretty terrifying if you have no idea how to even comprehend them. Kind of like a strange or scary toy that might've frightened you as a kid in real life if that helps.

Except these dream things are now alive when you wake up. They're aware like the other two toys you made, but unlike the other two these things seem...random.

And then Seren gets involved with the rituals. All of a sudden these things start killing themselves or reproducing more of their own in a ritualistic fashion. On some level you notice that these events line up with how you're ultimately feeling, but you have no sure way to understand the connection.

Until you do. Maybe the rituals focus enough energy your way long enough for you to have a snap realization. Or maybe you just somehow know on an instinctual level. But you just know. The dream things. The toys. The sick feeling that comes and goes with them. They're all connected.

Wouldn't you freak out by that point? Because if my old Barbie and Ken dolls started doing ritualistic crap that made me feel tired/better and got some of my pokemon toys involved with it...I know I would O_o
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