Why did Mah attack Zaros?

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Ancient Drew

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Mah was born in this cycle starved of anima. She was like the equivalent of a baby who was starved of oxygen at birth.

I think that she created Zaros and Seren in some desperate attempt to regenerate anima for herself (or at least she might have done for the Children of Mah tribes), and was trying to catch up with her sisters who thought she died.

Another thing I think is that she had the personality of a child who was innocent in her own way and perpetually curious, with attachments to things. This can be shown with Seren who had emotional attachments with her as well as the elves later, indicating that Seren might have inherited the emotional attachments from Mah, while Zaros inherited the curiosity.

As for trying to smash Zaros and the player, it was shown in her nightmares in Children of Mah that she had feared her own creations. And when we beat her nightmares in the dream, we discovered blue ice-like formations in her core. This suggests that Wen might have corrupted her on Freneskae.

According to the Elder Chronicles which also describe Mah as an imaginative child full of wonder and innocence, Wen is shown to be fearful and reflecting on the past. It has also been suggested that there were once far more Elder Gods around and that they're nearly extinct now, so Wen might have been paranoid about what mortal life could do and tried to suppress it by corrupting Mah. This fear may have been as a result of the corruption and it might even have passed on to Zaros and Seren, the latter of whom has a tendency to dwell on past events.
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