Why did Mah attack Zaros?

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Swolllliosis said:
Elf of Seren said:
Wasn't it stated somewhere that she created them so she wouldn't be alone, but because she had the cognitive prowess of a baby she played with them like dolls.

Then why did Seren say Mah feared them. Why did Mah attack Zaros in FotG?

She feared them leaving.

Mah was alone in the world, so she created two beings to keep her company. Fearing they'd leave her, she bound them together such that one leaving without the other would be very difficult endeavor. Her plan, however, didn't pan out, and Zaros left. So, she made the Mahjarrat and their kin to replace him.

She feared their power over her.

For a while then, Mah was content. She may have lost Zaros, but had others to fill his role. Over time, she grew weaker and slept more and more. While she was sleeping, Seren taught the Mahjarrat to sacrifice themselves to Mah in order to sustain her. Eventually, Seren taught the Mahjarrat to take power back from Mah to create more of their kind, teaching them to do so when Mah had nightmares and thrashed about. And so Mah was left by Seren and had her power, her lifeblood, forcefully taken from her by those she had created.

As for why Mah 'attacked' Zaros in FotG, I'd say it was less an attack and more an attempt to grab her precious 'dolly' before he ran away again. Keep in mind that, for all appearances, Mah liked Zaros best. Enakhra comes to this conclusion at the end of CoM when asked about why there are so few female Mahjarrat (even after Seren had left), and Zaros himself claims to be Mah's firstborn when he demands Jas make him an Elder God during Sliske's Endgame (as in, he was made first and then Seren was made to bind him).

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