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I know this is an obscure topic ... but I want to talk about ... Balloon Animals.

They aren't really encountered anymore unless a Jmod spawns them or they are found in a holiday event.

Previously, they were in the Prison Pete random event. A horde of balloon animals, trapped in jail, yet each one housing a key. You popped it (killing it ... you monster!!!) to get the keys.

Though it does beg the question of where do balloon animals come from?
Were there great herds of them roaming the plains of ScapeRune?

Do they come about when a mommy balloon animal and a daddy balloon animal .... ?
Or, do they only come into existence via a logical paradox in magic: if someone shapes a balloon as an animal, the animal is therefore a balloon, and becomes alive?
Or did a bunch of wizards go around enchanting balloons?
Or was it a cosmic joke of the anima to create such things?

29-Oct-2017 19:50:15

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Ha, not a clue, but I once suggested an Evil Bob quest that was based around a Balloon animal rebellion in ScapeRune. Basics were people in Draynor disappearing, Evil Bob a prisoner, rescue evil bob, raid the stronghold that seems to be behind it and solve the mystery. End the threat. With a possible Count Draynor appearance!

Nothing came of it and I haven't heard of any actual reason for the Balloon animals being around, which is why I put the quest idea forward to blame their original appearance on him for his Random Event. I balmed it on Lazy Cat Syndrome, he wanted something else to do all of the work....
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31-Oct-2017 20:35:27

Penny Drakis
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Penny Drakis

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Last Prophet said:
I like lore explanations as much as the next guy, but these are bloody inanimate objects. Who cares?

You ignorant fool! What do you think the work

ScapeRune balloon animals are very animated. In my more foolish days I would waste time chasing down specific balloon animals to kill them.

I still waste tons of time not earning XP, but now I do it on purpose.
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18-Feb-2019 20:48:19

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