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Alright guys, after giving it some thought (and visiting the RP & stories forums) I came to the conclusion that there already is a hub for lore-related player-written stories where feedback can be obtained by others. The main difference here being that this thread itself would most likely be in the wrong forum.

If we decide to start posting stories here and commenting on them this thread would become too similar to the already existing Headcanon Haven, with the only difference being that this would have to comply with existing lore.

Therefore, given that a similar thread already exists in this forum which could definitely handle the traffic intended to go this way and that the Stories & RP forums are already a thing this has become nothing more than a shout-out to Jagex to do something with those stories mostly found in another forum, which is not what a thread in the Lore Discussion forum should be about.

I will therefore request a lock on this thread and happily refer those with RS stories to either the RP & stories forum or to Lego Miester's aforementioned thread.

Cheers to everyone who has replied and until next time!

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