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Elf of Seren
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Elf of Seren

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Ok, so I was trying to think of new ways to train agility that wouldn't be boring and repetitive, so I had the idea of sports , but all I was able to come up with on my own were actual Terrorbird Racing, Gnomeball and Skullball if they were reworked (see Imgur image below). My reasoning was that with other players or an intelligent AI, the games would be more random and exciting, and we wouldn't get bored as quickly, like with grinding.

~My Lore Question is:~

Are there any other RuneScape exclusive sports ingame that I'm missing out on?

(Head to Head is the only one that is remotely agility AND sports related)
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The snowboarding from some of the Christmas events probably count.

Oh, you specified RuneScape exclusive. Pretty sure you listed them all, then...
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Ptolemy Dean
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The former Sultan of Al-Kharid had a racing rug. Magic Carpet racing for the win! "Ptolemos, the friendly, informative Mahjarrat."
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Chief Elf
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Chief Elf

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Okay.. so, I'm taking this rather personally, because I'm an Urban Dancer. I consider dancing to be a sport. So yes, we should incorporate dance to be a Gielinorian sport. We have Troubadour dancing and Breakdancing.

Raleirosen said:

Can we have an agility training area on White Wolf Mountain or Ice Mountain or some other icy area for snowboarding, please? I reckon it'll be pretty cool. Pun completely intended.
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Ancient Drew
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Ancient Drew

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I'd love to see Werewolf Skullball turn into football *cough* soccer. Also Gnomeball needs buffing or giving different rewards to get people in it; it is supposed to be a RuneScape staple after all.

And I wonder if there's scope for a tennis game somewhere? Also the pubs need dartboards and preferably pool tables too.
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