Vanescula lied about the tree

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Ancient Drew said:
Could it be made more effective if we watered it with the Salve? Or made arrow shafts from it and tipped with sil*thril and garlic or Serum of Guthix? Another thing occurred to me; since Icyene and vampyres are natural rivals of sorts, the flora of these species might have a rivalry as well; namely, the blisterwood (Icyene) and bloodwood (Vyre) trees.

Blisterwood, like silver, garlic and Icyene, is dangerous to vampyres. This suggests that the blisterwood tree might indeed have originated from New Domina which itself might be an antithesis to Vampyrium. Bloodwood trees thrive on bloodshed which suggests that they might have been indigenous to Vampyrium (this was suggested in a lore story called The Old Blood). A bloodwood tree can be found in Darkmeyer near the Arboretum which contains the blisterwood tree, oddly enough. I would like to research into both of these trees more later.

Interesting, i once thought that vyrewatch were Icyene turned into vyres, but i guess not.

17-Apr-2016 10:51:02

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