Xau Tak- Kerapac Link?

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This is going to be pretty to the point, I might expand on this later but just to get my ideas down so that I can. This will have things that people might consider spoilers from the recent Land Out of Time update, as well as a lot of the recently released quests, so if you are worried about that then stop here.

* Of the places in game to which Xau Tak is linked, the dragonkin are also heavily linked. -Following Halloween 2018, it was implied that Xau Tak could be the mysterious voice in Daemonheim, which we know was a dragonkin fortress. Xau tak was also obviously heavily involved in the narrative of the Elite Dungeons, as well as Dragonkins themselves. Further, Xau Tak has been linked to the Mwana (horrors) of Mos Le Harmless, which was a rather odd choice by the dragonkin to attack following the use of the Stone of Jas in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. It's also interesting that one of the only NPCs who really knew about Xau Tak, V, was being chased by dragonkin for being a false user of the stone of jas.

*In V's mentioning of it, he mentions " Xau Tak's corpse oceans" which loudly recalls Kerapac's plan for Gielinor relayed in desperate times- to kill all life and starve the elder gods of anima.

*We know that Xau Tak somehow had some knowledge of the future when looking at the lore related to the Asylum from Zarosian Empire, where Sliske interrogated a patient following an unusual incident in the Eastern seas who said our name. Through this, Xau Tak is linked in some way to time in general.

*Kerapac was linked to the Needle in the recent quest Desperate Times, which has been established as a device used by the Elder Gods to manipulate time.

*We know from recent Anachronia lore, that the island was *supposed* to be a dead island, the archaeologists are in fact surprised that it didn't have any fossils at all. This is evidently because Kerapac pulled the island from another time period to the current one so that he could access it for his plans.


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*Anachronia has already been given tenuous links to madness. Reading the survival's journal (which is known to belong to Irwinsson), he says explicitly that he is going mad at the end of the journal and attributes it to the water (which has been said to be oddly revitalizing, presumably because of the use of the needle in the area).

*We have further seen this madness manifest in an unusual way, with Irwinsson oddly speaking to himself in a way that sort of disregards the presence of the player character upon first meeting him- which recalls the behavior of the Odd Old Man who was further linked to Xau Tak with the skeletal horror, which is explicitly related to Xau Tak.

Weaker Evidence

*The Xau Tak black stone hands which we have seen actually very closely resemble the claws of a Dragonkin, aside from the fact that they are stony, or "fossilized".

*Diddykin has a line of dialogue which suggests that there are other creatures in the motherlode maw, and he says "You do not want to save them..." before going off into some humorous dialogue. This phrase is similar to something Xau Tak has said to us, that 'we can't save them'.

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So, with all of this information in mind, wouldn't it seem likely that Kerapac could be Xau Tak? Kerapac, now linked to the needle, has an odd relationship with time to the extent that he has been able to pull an entire island out of another time and bring it to the present. His goal at present is to kill the Elder Gods by ending all life on Gielinor and starving them, so that his people (the other dragonkin) can continue to survive. However, we already know that following the narrative of Desperate Times, we aren't exactly planning to let him get away with his plan. We know that when the dragonkin were linked to the Stone of Jas, it had the ill effect of driving them mad- albeit in a different way to traditional insanity, but with rage. It could also be reasoned that Tarshak went mad after his attempt to use the Elder Mirror. Could it be that the Needle is wreaking similar havoc on the psyche of Kerapac as we speak, as evidenced by what has been happening with Irwinsson since his arrival to the island, and forming him into Xau Tak? Could our stopping Kerapac's plan cause him to become fossilized, just like Anachronia *should* be, and lead him to direct his plans away from the dragonkin, and instead toward us, explaining why Xau Tak has been obsessed with the player character for literal ages?

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I doubt he's Xau-Tak but perhaps it is him who leaves those clues across time instead of Xau-Tak?

"I know how to do it. How to destroy the accursed stone.
Sakirth's ill fated plan. The work I did with the World Guardian in my lab.
All I need is enough anima. I can do it. I can set us all free.
And here I have in my hand an invitation. An invitation to the Heart of Gielinor.
The biggest, purest, concentration of anima on this world.
I do not believe in fate...but...
All the pieces are falling into place.
For the first time in an aeon, there is a chance."

He could be engineering the things to go as needed for Dragonkin to be free from the stone. Manipulating Sliske and World Guardian so that it leads to Endgame. Everything needed to destroy the Stone. Not only that but perhaps he also gets our attention to Xau-Tak so that we may stop Ambassador's plan? Since Xau-Tak's attack might not be good if he wishes his plans to succeed.

When it comes to the madness, I'd guess it has more to do with the crucible which Kerapac says he's going to restore on Orthen:
"I intend to put a stop to this madness. To save my people, once and for all. So that never again may we be choked by the shackles of the Roakin. That is why I must return to Orthen. Why I must restore the crucible."
Or some other experiment of theirs on the island, who knows?
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Possibly they are the same person, I could see that. If he’s had power with the needle, he could’ve been doing practically anything anywhere throughout the whole timeline. Kinda terrifying when I think about it.

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interesting points. something else, in the curse of the black stone quest

Original message details are unavailable.
Player: I am investigating a dark power rising, it seems you might know more?
Kerapac: I do. But it would not help you for me to tell you, there are some things you need to discover on your own.

it would be weird for him to be the same person after this statement imo. but there is definitely hint that he is linked somehow to this or that is what he's planning on
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