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I certainly hope there is an entity guarding the Rift, or is the Rift itself, with sentience/instinct.
The same entity responsible for draining Bilrach as he approached the final floors.
And perhaps the same that 'snaps souls', if they are connected.

There are specific noises you can only hear while standing nearby deep chasms in the warped floors with ambient sounds on. It could be the Rift itself sending distortions throughout the hallways and levels, if it isn't alive perhaps it really is simply a cosmic phenomenon.

I also heard that sinkholes and resources dungeons contain Bilrach's materials for his master plan, coupled with his 'army'. It sounds like an invasion is on the horizon.

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Deltaslug said:
Could go one step further into absurdity:
The Ferret of Doom is real. Even Thok's fear of it is justified.
The Ferret snuck into Floor 61. Fed off the powers of the portals and is now stronger than Bilrach and Bilrach cannot control it.

Thok, Marm, the player, along with Bilrach and his most powerful lieutenants do battle with it.

It isn't until the arrival of the army of many Mini-Mini-Marms that saves the group.
Mini-Marm arrives, empowered by the portals as well.
Mini-Marm and the Ferret of Doom engage in a titanic struggle.

Mini-Marm decides to save the universe by valiantly throwing itself and the Ferret into the Rift.
Thok tries to talk it out of the heroic sacrifice, but a solemn exchange of looks leaves both to understand this is the only way.

The Heim Crab and the Ferret go into the Void, locked into an eternal struggle within the nothingness.
The Rift closes forever behind them.

Bilrach is satisfied as the threat to his tunnels is gone and tells the others to get out.
Thok mourns his lost friend.
Marm has now developed a fear of Heim Crabs from the thousands that skittered over him.

10000000000000000/10. Made me tear up a little bit.
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