The Cocaine of Geilinor?

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Main opposition to this: The Dream World is more or less proven to exist. The Penance King travelled to Gielinor after encountering Aesa Fellsdottir there, who had been travelling through the dream world and recording different things as mentioned in the journals purchasable from Barbarian Assault. The Penance King ate her "dream soul" and later used her body as a way into Gielinor, as he had been banished following the downfall of Zaros.

The relationship between Suqah teeth and the dream world is certainly something that wants explanation, but the idea that the dream world is merely a hallucination is proven false because of Aesa's experience and the fact that, after her death, the Penance King truly did come into Gielinor via her corpse, not to mention the historically accurate accounts Aesa was able to derive and record while there in the dream world.

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